The other day my sister said to me “You’re so different, why do you dress this way; you look like a woman that came out of a book.” She really couldn’t describe or compare my style with anyone else that she was aware of, except she made a comparison to women from long ago. She said I didn’t dress my age and the clothing made me look much older. She made mention of the clothing she liked and the ones she didn’t. However, I don’t need her opinion or that of others to give me validation on how I should or should not dress. I took it as a compliment instead. I never intend to dress to meet the expectations of others.

There is no one else like me on the planet:

  • I am different
  • I am an original
  • I can’t be duplicated

I told her that I was very confident about who I am. My style is different because I am unique. I don’t want to imitate anyone else because imitations are cheap. I value myself high above what anyone may think of me. I have found Proverbs 3:15 & 31:10 to be very compelling. “She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. ‘Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies”.


When I was a little girl I loved to read and the only book we had was a Bible. So, when I became a better reader,  I would read every chance I got. Every ounce of confidence and boldness I got I gather from reading the Word and some from my mother of course. I believe the word of God. “For the word of God is quick (alive), and powerful (active), and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrew 4:12).

My confidence is found in the word of God, the BIBLE:


I was so very poor, the poor of the poorest, but I had more confidence than one could find counting stars. My poverty didn’t get a chance to limit my confidence nor to cripple the value I had placed on myself. I had seen the error of my mother’s mistakes, although looking back I would call them purpose. God made the decision long before I was conceived that he wanted me to be PERMANENTLY RARE and that I should not lose my value.



Okay Ladies, lets put this into perspective. A few years ago I met a young man who befriended me because “I looked like a Christian, but talked and acted like a virgin”. He was very eager to know me I might add. Regularly, he would tell me “I’ve never met a virgin before, neither have I ever had sex with one. You are the first virgin I’ve ever met in all my life.” He was so interested in me for this reason, and every single conversation we had he would ask “How is it that a girl like you never had sex before? I know that you’re a Christian and all but I’ve met many Christians who I know are not virgins. Please tell me how a 26-year-old woman like yourself hasn’t had sex? Please tell me how!” He would ask anxiously, and this was my conversation with Neil every time he had a chance.


Ladies my response to Neil was simple, “I am currently involved in covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and I simply have no desire to break or violate the term of agreement in the contract. This contract has clauses that I have personally committed myself to follow. I said I can name a few but here’s one (2cor 2:16)  And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will (dwell) live in them and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”


My temple (body) belongs to God, so I chose to live righteous and holy before him. I chose not to have sex until I’m married to just one man, the right one chosen by God for me of course. He said to me “I believe in God just like you so that should make us equal right?” I said, “N-O-P-E!!! we are not at all equal. Neil, I have repented of my sins. I’ve been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I’ve received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues according to Acts 2:38. Have you had this experience since you believe?” He said no!


To make long story short, one day this young lady showed up where I was working. She introduced herself as Rose. I said “Hi Rose, can I help you?” She said, “I’m Neil’s girlfriend.” I said, “Okay, very nice to make your acquaintance.” Then she asked if she could please talk with me and I agreed. She said, “Neil told me about you and ever since he met you he’s acting like different person.” This is a list of what he said to her about me.

  1. He said he wants to be saved
  2. He’s talking about going to church with you
  3. He said you are very strong in your belief
  4. He admires you for still remaining a virgin until you marry
  5. All he does is talk and talk about you
  6. He said you are RARE

And then the tears started rolling down her eyes. She said, “He told me he was in love with you and wanted to marry you, and that’s why I’ve come to talk with you. He told me you don’t like him like that and that you don’t believe in being unequally yoked(2cor 6:14) So, I felt safe to come and talk with you.” Then she said “I’m a Christian too, but I guess I’m not living like I should. That’s probably why he prefers you over me, I guess.” I said to her, “are you really a Christian?” She said yes. “So why then are you sleeping with him when he’s not your husband?” She responded, “Because I love him. Moreover, we’ve been together going on three years and he never said anything about marriage to me. Please tell me why; what’s so different about you?”

I hugged her tightly and gave my response.

“Rose, I value myself way too much and I won’t settle for just any man. I need to be in the will of God, and He whom God chose for me will also be in his will.” I said “Rose, if you don’t value yourself no one else will. Men adore women who value themselves! When I read Proverb 3:10 and 31:15 it empowered me as a woman to believe that I cannot be bought or sold.” “She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. ‘Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies”.

Afterwards, I asked her the question, “Which are you Rose, RUBY, DIAMOND or ROCK?” And she hesitated to answer finally, she said “I chose DIAMOND.” I told her diamonds are good. Then she asks me which one am I, and I said “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”

She asks why and here is my answer.

Many-colored gemstones are much more valuable than diamonds even though diamonds are rare. It depends on the quality as well of course. A ruby is generally rarer and more expensive. Rocks, on the other hand, are extremely cheap because they’re very common and can be accessed easily. They’re lying around everywhere, they are the mountains, the canyons, you dig them up in your garden, you sit on them, there are everywhere.

Unfortunately, many women and young girls today are missing the mark. They have subjected themselves to the mere value of stones. Some of them think RUBIES & DIAMONDS cost way too much so they’ll just settle for any type of STONES or any guy who says hello! You should choose and put the highest value on yourself because you have GREAT WORTH. According to the word of God our value is far, far above rubies(Proverbs 31:15). So despite how precious and valuable these gems are I value myself far above them. My worth is not based upon mere stones, but on my relationship with my creator. The most important thing is to be yourself and love yourself. Tell yourself today and always, “I’m an original, I love me, and I value myself.”


You shouldn’t value yourself on any scale because you are PRICELESS!


Your sister in CHRIST………


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE KACEY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


14 thoughts on “~~PERMANENT RARITY ~~

  1. I have been reading your timely pieces and enjoy them; but this right here is my absolute favourite thus far. I totally concur, I am an original piece that has been and is still being fashioned by Christ, whose price is far above rubies. Thank you Kacey for this reminder. I pray many young ladies will see and read this. Absolutely beautifully structured and impactful!

    • Thanks for stopping by my sweet sis. I enjoy sharing what I have glean from my life experiences to uplift and encourage my sisters. The scripture says that we overcome by the word of our testimony and I know you have many wonderful things in your life too. Thanks for telling others to come and read. God bless!

  2. Wow!!! This is so very powerful!!! That is so true; that many females see themselves as just stones, without any worth or value and they just get tossed around, used, abused mistreated and misused and left broken and are a fragment of what God has created them to be. Thank you for this! I hope many read this and realize that they are priceless. God bless you!

    • Thanks for stopping by sweet Ava. God is so very merciful, even when we’re just “let over fragments” He still have use for us and will still gladly use us. Blessed be his Holy name! Help me pray for our young ladies all over that they will see how much they really are worth in the eyes of God.
      pls help to share the post with anyone who need a word.


  3. Wow!!!! I can neither add nor take away to this awesome depiction of God’s keeping power my sweet Diana. This powerful read will most certainly be a blessing to many. May the grace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ rest upon you eternally. Eli sends his love 💕

    • Thank you my sweet Anne for all your love.
      Please continue to pray for me that God will give me divine inspiration to write while I seek him for that endeavor.
      Give Eli kisses form me.

      Love always your Diana💕

  4. Wow! I absolutely love this article. It was so refreshing to read! I agree with everything written. I can totally relate to this. I pray that our young ladies will understand their value and never allow anyone to lessen their value.

    After reading this, I am reminded of the experience of shopping in some stores. Some items are left out for consumers to handle, sample and feel. While others are put behind a glass case and can only be accessed and available to serious shoppers. The glass items are the most valuable and precious.

    • Thank you for stopping by lady Smith. I appreciate the love and support.
      I, too, will pray continually that our ladies will strive to place a much higher value on themselves.

      Your sis in Christ💕

  5. Very Proud of your new beginning! You are unique and have made a difference. I am inspired by your bold step out of the box!

    • Thanks for stopping by my mommy M. You’ve encouraged and inspired me over the years and for that I’m beyond grateful.

      Love and appreciate the encouragement and support.

      Your sis in Christ💕

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