~~~~~~~~~~~PROVERBS 18:22~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dearly Beloved, according to author of Proverbs,

“Whoso findeth a wife finds a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.”



I wanted to encourage your hearts on the matter of “Are you a good thing?” The word of God clearly states he who finds a WIFE not a HUSBANDS (don’t get me wrong, a husband is a good thing too😉!) finds a good thing. Therefore, you shouldn’t be out looking or searching for Mr. Right. Doing that, my friends, is backwards.

In Genesis chapter 2:24 and Matthew 19:5, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife.”My precious lovelies, I want you to notice the pattern here; as you can clearly see that God is the one who gives man that responsibility, function or impulse. The code of decorum is for Man to make the first move.

He will find you wherever you are. God will allow your path to intertwine. I promise you that He will permit it. I’m a living testimony…….. Wherever you are on this planet God will allow both of you to cross paths, and often time in the most extraordinary ways. It makes me smile as I reminisce about how it all happened for me. Praise the awesome power of God!

Lovelies, this will happen because its innate; It’s a built-in natural instinct. It’s part of man’s characteristics; It’s wired in man’s DNA to be HUNTERS.img_1623


Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with some single women and I find that every one of them either starts or ends each other’s sentences the same way, here we go! “I can’t FIND nobody, I just can’t FIND anyone.”This right here is where the problems lies. When I was single, I can remember talking to the Lord out of ignorance and saying the same thing, “LORD I CAN’T FIND ANYONE”! He never gave you that responsibility to find someone Ladies, NO!


Beloved, one of the real reason you get so tired, frustrated, worn out, discouraged and defeated is because you’re out there looking. Yes, I said it! Sorry, but I’m not going to sugarcoat what the truth is. When you set out to do the FINDING or the LOOKING it goes totally against what the word of God teaches.


That is just backwards sisters. And I know you’ve heard this a hundred times over. Yes, it might sound antiquated but it’s still true and relevant. Yes, it might seem like a beauty contest out there where everyone is putting themselves up to be marketed on the altar of compromise. They are flaunting it all to prove who’s a better grab. But while waiting on God, dear ones please don’t ever lower your standards or values if anything bring them much higher. All that I want you to bear in mind is this one thing, “GOD MADE MAN IN IS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS; THEY ARE STILL WIRED TO BE THE HUNTER” Yesterday, today and forever.


It doesn’t matter how much society dictates to you ladies that the “role is now switched” whereby signifying that it’s now okay for you to become the hunter. Real women never chase; what real women do is get so lost in God that any man who desires to find her is going to need a spiritual GPS; you will not do such a thing. Sadly, a whole lot of women have made up in their minds “I’m just gonna get out there and find me a man.” But ladies please be reminded that this order will never work. Men are wired to hunt, chase, and protect their families from the beginning of times. So pretty please let’s take a step back and wait. Again I say wait on the Lord and let the man he has ordained for your life have a chance; let him SEEK and HUNT you down. It’s still the best and most romantic way, Wink wink!

Here’s what you should be doing: becoming a good thing. Stay tuned for part two.

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I love you

Your sister in Christ💕


Strengthen the things that remains: Rev. 3:2

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kacey Nimocks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


13 thoughts on “🌺ARE YOU A GOOD THING PART ONE🌺

    • Dearly beloved, thanks for stopping by. It warms my heart to here that i have inspire you.
      God bless you richly.

      your sister in Christ.

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for reach out to others. I pray that our young ladies will take heed to these words😊I really appreciate this!!!!

    • Thank you for stopping by Lady Nelson. It means a lot. It’s my assignment to perform. I am honored that God choses to use me so.
      Yes. please continue to pray for me and our young people.

      Your sister in Christ.

    • You’re more than welcome my lady Tonya. Please continue to trust and wait on your God.
      Psalms 84:11 “For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory:
      NO GOOD thing will he without from that that walk uprightly.

      Your sister in Christ💕
      you can email or inbox me with any question you may have. I am here to serve.

  2. I love this testimony! Thank you for your transparency! When you mentioned, “wherever on this planet you are, God will allow your paths to cross”, reminded me of a book I read-‘THE JEWISH WAY IN LOVE & MARRIAGE’! There is no way like God’s way! Thanks KC!

  3. Hello sister kacey, I thank God for inspiring you to write such a lovely message to our singles, continue to encouraged them in Jesus name.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Adrianna. Please continue to help me pray for our singles to remain in the house of God and
      trust him for their spouses.
      God richest blessings to you.

      your sis in Christ💕

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