🍃I heard a prophetic word at our New Years Eve Service and it still rings in my ears. The Lord said that “He was going to and fro walking in the earth, looking for someone who’s available; to be a vessel He can use. I’m looking for someone who’s available to be my hands and feet.” I cried when I heard it with bitter tears. I had to do a soul search. I asked myself the question.. Am I really available?

The funny thing is most of us have already made our plans for next week, next month, and next year to do what we want. We don’t take into consideration what is on God’s checklist for our life. We need to dedicate our time to Him and make sure we are available. Here I am Lord, AVAILABLE! I am available!  I give myself away to your service, Mighty King whom my soul loveth! Are you AVAILABLE? Can He use you to reach. If He should ask to use your feet today to go somewhere out of the ordinary, would you be available to just go? He’s searching.
🍃🍃I hope this song speak to you🍃🍃

🌺You gave me my hands, to reach out to man , To show him Your love and Your perfect plan, You gave me my ears, I can hear your voice so clear. I can hear the cries of sinners, but can I wipe away their tears.

🌺You gave my voice, to speak Your words
To sing all Your praises, to those who never heard. But with my eyes I see a need for more availablity. I see hearts that have been broken, so many people to be free.

Lord, I’m available to you, my will I give to you
I ‘ll do what you say do, use me Lord.
To show someone the way and enable me to say. My storage is empty and I am available to you.

🌺Now I’m giving back to you, all the tools you gave to me.
My hands, my ears, my voice, my eyes, so You can use them as You please. I have emptied out my cup, so that You can fill it up.
Now I’m free, I just want to be more available to You.

God bless you beloved,
Your sister in Christ💕

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