About Me



~Hello everyone~

Thank you for stopping by! This is a place to ❧give thanks❧ ❧share my love and faith in Jesus❧ holiness ❧give my life testimony❧ ❧express my love for family~friends~ people❧ ❧convey my simple & frugal lifestyle❧ ❧declare my love for all things modest (living holy, dressing well) ❧eating healthy❧ ❧promoting creativity❧ ❧advocate for singles❧

My name is Kacey, and I’m a country girl. I was born in Jamaica, and am currently residing in New York. Faith brought me here 14 years ago, Literally!

My faith has played the biggest role in my life. I am Acts 2:38 recipient!!! In 1991 I received the gift of the Holy Ghost and was then Baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. That was the best decision I ever made.  I made the Lord king of my heart and my life was never the same. Experiencing the book of Act is  literally the best experience of my life.

Here’s a faith page link : http://www.upci.org/home

I’m Married to the man of my dreams, Jacob, and we are happily married and can’t wait to be future parents☺.



~~❦Things I like❦ ~~

 ❁Pray/fasting (prayer is the key to a beautiful life) ❁giving ❁cooking ❁reading ❁thrifting (I love antiques) ❁singing ❁exercising ❁decorating ❁modest apparels that reflect my personal style (I could become a seamstress)☺ ❁traveling ❁ironing and washing dishes by hand is therapeutic for me.☺

I thrive daily to live the Kingdom lifestyle; Jesus is the center of my life and I dedicate this blog to him. I purpose to share our  daily walks along with many happy journeys and interests. I am deeply intoxicated by Gods love for me, and I simply can’t keep what  HE’s done quiet. Therefore I must make mention that His name is exalted. Isaiah 12:4. I hope that you will find hope and encouragement here.