My Overcoming Sisters

I love their lush, rosy cheeks, my beloved sisters. We all share the same smiles and the same mother. What do I love about them…. I love that they love learning, I love that their thirst for knowledge and a better life, changed their entire future.  We all realized how very poor we were. But even while stricken with poverty as it were, poverty didn’t stand a chance to measure or determine our future. It’s quite sad that all our fathers denied us the moment our births were announced. Little girls need their fathers, don’t they? But as Fatherless as we all were, God, our spiritual papa, stood by and covered us. 

Joan, Shelly and Marcia, You came out and from Litchfield and conquered all the obstacle. Many said we wouldn’t amount to anything much, but that’s what they also said abut our Lord Jesus coming out of lowly Nazareth.  ( And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see) John 1:46. Our mother had tremendous courage to fight for survival in rearing her quiver filled with eight children alone. This fueled our bones with COURAGEOUS FIRE. Her courage and strength left us astonished day by day. One woman was filled with so much love to be willing to bear such a heavy cross alone (She’s the single woman). This reminds me of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was willing to bear the cross for the world because He loved us. (“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins for righteousness; by whose stripes ye were healed”) 2 Peter 2:24.  All of us went to school barefoot, our lack cannot be numbered, but God was gracious to us. 

Joan, your courage gives me hope. I can never forget when you were the oldest student at your high school, just because you were so determined to change your future and started high when you were in you twenties. Joan, that’s what I called true courage. You graduated from Sam Sharpe Teachers College and Northern Carribbean University with honors and distinctions.

Shelly, you became ill while you were at Mico University College, but that didn’t stop you. You went on to receive your Masters in Special Ed, and you also graduated from Northern Carribbean University  at the top of you class with honor and distinctions.

Marcia, the baby, you followed suit also and earned your Diploma in Teaching from GC Foster Teacher College. You also served as an excellent EMT worker and Nurses Assistant. 

All praises to these awesome teachers who stood against the ODDS of life titled ‘poverty.’  Let me encourage someone to go ahead a give your current situation or circumstances eviction notice. Tell yourself, “I shall arise” and live and declare the destiny the Lord God has prophesied over you. His words declare you shall be the head and not the tail.  You can become anything you put your mind to young people. When you work hard you will achieve. My sisters did it and you can too. Be encourage beloved. 

I love you so much, I’m always praying for you.

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Your sister in Christ.

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    • Thanks for stopping by as always sweet lady. You’re familiar with our story.
      Had it not been for our God where would we be. All praises to Him for keeping us.

      Love you sweet sis.

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